Scars and Stars

If you live long enough
You’ll have some scars,
From the near and far,
From inside the home
And from the outside,
Where strangers meet
And greet and eat you!
But then you will learn
To walk miles of trials
And burn all the trash
At every turn each day
Along the way and say,
‘Hello light and dark,
Sun, moon and stars!
Shine on all my scars,
So bright in my sight!
After all, I’m full alive
In this world beehive!’
And so there will be . . .
Scars and Stars

Note: Previously published in August 2016. Hope you enjoy! Blessings to one and all!


18 thoughts on “Scars and Stars

  1. Wat a beautiful n thoughtful poem : )

    But I must this is little sad and no wonder!, bloom doesn’t happen with out gloom.

    My dear Jonathan,

    I agree with you!
    Innocent and simple people suffer a lot and more than a common man!

    Are those scars that make us close to those glittery objects at night?

    This made me think.

    Perhaps yes!

    Take care dear one

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