Sonnet to the Recluse

Thou art withal quite an exceptionally quiet soul,
For life in this world hath of certain taken its toll,
Yet thou art possessed of such finely keen intellect,
Tho’ few know for so few friends dost thou collect
Around thee for sake of thy privacy and solitude,
But ne’er one man hath questioned thy rectitude,
Such is thy state of upright stature and integrity
That thou might be with very angels in solidarity;
Ah! but thou hast so much to give unto humanity
If thou wouldst but open thine heart to liberality;
Tis no shame in privacy save one’s lack of charity,
And in this alone one might suspect thy credibility,
Not for what thou hast done but for what is undone,
For tis not of nature for the sky to withhold the sun!


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