Your Love Washes Over Me

As I bang my head against the wall in the halls
Of this home, not my own; sigh and loudly cry,
Your compassion washes over me like waves
From rich love wider and deeper than the sea,
And you had no bed, nowhere to lay your head,
But you’ve said you will take care of my needs,
Sowing seeds of faith that grow ever so slowly
As you provide my daily bread, day after day,
And remind me I do have somewhere to stay,
And so what shall I say? And how can I repay?
I say ‘thank you,’ as I bathe me in love so true,
Which canopies over me like the skies so blue!


22 thoughts on “Your Love Washes Over Me

  1. His Love surely washes over us Jonathan. I so loved this poem and at every moment a thank you to our Lord who is always taking care of us. Awesome and apt picture of the deep blue sea and its waves.

    1. Thank you so very much… The photo comes copyright-free from Pixabay. I’m afraid I could never take such an astonishing photograph! Thanks for asking, and all the best to you! 🙂

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