To Love Somebody Too Far Away

heartPhoto stares back into my eyes, my eyes staring into the eyes in the photo;
But does she know?

And I could literally raise the very sun with crow of fire, fluff the feathers
Of my desires!

But does she, so far away, know I want to show my love from cove of soul;
My treasure trove?

heartSame world, but worlds apart play part in ripping my heart apart so soon
As I start to stare…

But I can’t help myself; staring leads to an imagined life, feeds the fantasy,
Never satisfies need.

But does she know? Can she see? Does she look at me, too, as I look at her
Far away every day?

heartAh, maybe the imagining is better? No, and neither can the letter replace
Fetters of distance.

And my God, it hurts … To love somebody so far away



8 thoughts on “To Love Somebody Too Far Away

    1. Oh my! What an insightful and poignant question! In fact, I’d like to invite my followers to answer this very question you ask: Does it hurt to love someone far away, or does it hurt more to love someone so near yet so far?

      NOTE TO FOLLOWERS: CHALLENGE IN ABOVE QUESTION… Answer in prose, poetry, poetic prose, photography, art work, etc.!

      Thank you, Kally!

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