Goodbye, My Friend, Goodbye

Ah! why did you leave, my friend?  How it grieves my soul,
Knowing you received my love, then bled my heart and fled!
Was it something I said? Did I speak out of turn and burn
Your heart? Though I never tried to charm, I meant no harm,
But did I somehow alarm your mind, unarm your intellect,
Causing you to reflect on who and what your are, not some
Guiding star but only flesh and blood, fresh from mud-soil,
In your place of endless turmoil of your very own making,
Forsaking reality for the cream of cosmic dreams that ne’er
Reach this earth, womb of your birth? Yet true friends do
Speak truth, do they not? Or have you forgot what is meant
By honest companionship? Ah! But you cut me off so neatly
And very completely without hesitation and no explanation!
And am I to cry or simply, soberly say ‘goodbye?’ I sigh…
Goodbye, my friend … goodbye


5 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Friend, Goodbye

    1. Well, although it has been recent, at least I’m learning to accept it… Point in fact, in the grand scheme of things, the abrupt termination of this friendship may actually be good. Thank you for your kind comments! All the best to you!

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