Just Pretend It’s Love?

How is it someone stumbles into our lives
And bumbles us into love when deep inside
We know it’s all wrong, this relationship
Is long on dreams that don’t belong to us?
And why is it we ignore proof of the truth
That friends and family beg us to realize
And not trivialize? They can see the tree
Is so gnarled and poisoned, and so can we,
So why is it we continue on with such glee
As if the tree were so magnificent with no
Deficit, and even sibilate when confronted
With the truth? Oh, how is it we get caught
In a web of deception without any reception
Of real love, and then try to beguile others
With our smile, pretending that everything
Is grand and dandy, when inside we’ve lost
Our heart and the better part of that life
We used to live? And why do we try so hard
To make that stumbling, bumbling someone
Into an altogether other and better someone
More acceptable and respectable when they
Are really quite despicable? Is it to save face
When in reality we could bow out with grace?
Ah! Ah! Tell me how it is someone stumbles
Into our lives and then bumbles us into love
When all along we know inside it’s wrong?
How and why this travesty of insane pain!

6 thoughts on “Just Pretend It’s Love?

  1. I feel you, been there, done it, still got the t-shirt…how you ask? I have no idea. It’s quite something when you know something is so wrong… when everybody does… and yet you hang on to the few decent crumbs you’re thrown and pretend everything is okay…Hugs ❤

  2. Love heals all open wounds
    only to open again
    You are left to figure it out
    Only love knows
    And hasn’t any arms to hold
    For love is love
    What we want is love
    Not commitments

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