In Some Sweet, Mysterious Way

In some sweet, mysterious way you ever abide by my side,
Like an ethereal river flows while numinous wind blows,
You course through my being and I am seeing the unseen,
And words do not suffice to describe the precise nature
Of our love, my Beloved, nor the communion we share
In the union of my soul within your very own where seeds
Of passion are sown in surreal fashion beyond knowledge,
And you sweep over me touching the deep of my very soul
Like none other can so that the sun shines its light brightly
Within my innermost self both day and night in every way
As I become your moon, reflecting your shining brilliance
With resilience because your love is always and forever
As in a sweet, mysterious way you ever abide by my side,
An ethereal river flowing with numinous wind blowing . . .


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