Dream, Rest … Please Sleep

Travelling round the six-lane circle, horns blaring, people glaring;
Where are they all going? Too quickly; slow down.
Your town is going nowhere; smile like a clown.

Stream water gently flows over time-worn stones, like bones of history;

People rushing in and out of corporation buildings with faux gildings;
Why are they in a hurry? Everything’s blurry.
Stop the scurry and endless fury and worry.

Blest rain serenely falls, bringing sky and earth so nigh one another;

Prophets preaching, teaching, and selling books with worried looks;
Why such gloom and doom? They only assume.
Make room for plume of happy laughter.

Trees bend and sway melodically, hypnotically in tune with sacred wind;

Yells and shouts and bouts over the television-idol’s remote control;
Why more news that skews the whole world?
Turn off the boob; be a family in amity.

Peep and bark, bray and bay, and songs sung by all the birds and herds;


7 thoughts on “Dream, Rest … Please Sleep

  1. You are making me sleepy with your poem and its only 1800hrs, my time! I love this part “Stop the scurry and endless fury and worry.” Beautiful.

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