Wanting to be Wanted

You know that I want to be wanted,
Though I never flaunt this felt-need,
Still I’m haunted by the deep feeling,
Taunted by dæmons from the font
Of despair and how to repair myself
And I cannot help but deeply care . . .
I get caught in a snare I cannot bear,
And it tears at the fabric of my soul,
Which has become a bowl of tears;
And I know you are near and hear,
But what do I do to get thru all this?
Emotions accrue against my heart
As I fight to hold to the better part
And start again to live an alive life
Not rife with the pain of rejection
And poisonous infection of the soul
In denial of empathy and affection;
Oh, where do we now go from here?
You are my dear sightseer, my guide;
Could you just make me disappear?
Ah! Steer me into your starry light
So bright and such a beautiful sight
Where all is right, and I am wanted,
As you do know I want to be wanted,
Though I never flaunt this deep need;
Take me to a peaceful and joyous day!

8 thoughts on “Wanting to be Wanted

  1. This poem sounds like how my wife was reaching out to me. Fortunately I heard her cries, not sure if I was to late, but I am trying to show her how much she is wanted. Thank you for a lovely poem that struck right at my heart.

    1. You are certainly welcome, and thank you for your gracious comment. I do hope and pray that, through your efforts, your wife will fully realize just how important and wanted she is! God bless you both!

  2. Yes, I understand this. We need someone to want us, to value us. Especially if we feel that way to them. It’s difficult when they don’t, heartbreaking. Great poetry.

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